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10 years 1 week ago #1 by stajyer
Bunun icin CS sonucundan cok diploma onaylanmasinin eslestirmeye yetismesinin zor olabilecegini dusunuyorum. Diplomayi haziranda alsan bile Saglik Bakanligi'ndan tescillenmesi Eylul veya Ekim'i bulabiliyor. Ondan sonra hemen ECFMG'ye gonderirsen ve hicbir sorun cikmazsa bir ihtimal yetisebilir belki.

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10 years 1 week ago - 10 years 1 week ago #2 by geiger
Bu güncelleme aynı zamanda a yılıın temmuzunda mezun olan biri için a+1 yılı a+1 yılı eşleşmeler için yani a+1 yılı asistanlığa başlayabilmesi için yeterli zamanı olduğunu türkiyedeki eğitim süresinin bitiş tarihinin buna çok sorun oluşturmadığını ve ecfmg setifikasının yetistirilebileceğini göstermiyor mu?

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10 years 1 week ago #3 by umc

International medical students/graduates and graduates of Fifth Pathway
programs who plan to participate in the 2011 Match (in March 2011) are
reminded that they must take Step 2 CS by December 31, 2010. As
published in the 2010 Step 2 Clinical Skills Schedule for Reporting
Results, if you do not take Step 2 CS by December 31, 2010, your result
will not be available in time to participate in the 2011 Match.

If you need to pass Step 2 CS to participate in the 2011 Match, you are
strongly encouraged to apply for Step 2 CS now. If you do not apply now
and schedule a test date as soon as possible, you may not be able to
obtain a test date in 2010.

At the time of this writing, the earliest available test date at any
test center was in August 2010. It is expected that demand for testing
appointments in the period from July through December will remain high
in 2010, as in past years. Additionally, test sessions at all test
centers may be subject to scheduling restrictions that may limit the
number of test dates available to you.

To maximize your chances of obtaining a test date in 2010,

- Apply for Step 2 CS now, provided you meet the eligibility
- Once registered, schedule your testing appointment as soon as

Early registration and scheduling may offer a number of benefits. If you
plan to apply for Step 2 CS, you should consider the following:

- Step 2 CS sessions are opened 12-13 months in advance.
- Applicants registered for Step 2 CS can schedule and take the exam
during the 12-month eligibility period that follows their registration.
By registering early, applicants increase the likelihood they will be
able to obtain a testing appointment for a preferred date/test center.
- Applicants who schedule a testing appointment can change the testing
appointment without cost, provided they give more than 14 days' notice.
See Rescheduling in the ECFMG Information Booklet.
- Applicants who take Step 2 CS earlier in the year and receive a
failing result are more likely to have the opportunity to retake the
exam in 2010 and receive their result in time to participate in the 2011

Updated information on Step 2 CS scheduling will be posted to the ECFMG
website as it becomes available. Individuals planning to take Step 2 CS
should monitor the ECFMG and USMLE websites for the latest information.



As an organization, ECFMG is committed to providing information on
issues of importance to international medical graduates. We realize that
many individuals would like updated information on developing issues
related to ECFMG Certification and entry into graduate medical education
in the United States. As a result, ECFMG has developed The ECFMG(r)
Reporter to provide international medical graduates worldwide with
timely, objective information on current topics of interest. It is our
hope that this newsletter will allow physicians educated outside the
United States and Canada to make informed choices on issues that shape
their careers.

Previous issues of The ECFMG(r) Reporter are available on the ECFMG
website. Subsequent issues will be posted to the ECFMG website as they
are published. To access previous issues, visit the ECFMG website at .

Interested individuals can join or leave The ECFMG(r) Reporter mailing
list at any time. To join or leave, visit The ECFMG Reporter home page
at .

Please do not reply to this message. Messages received at this address
will not receive responses.

We hope you find these updates helpful. Thank you for your interest in

Copyright (c) 2010 by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical
Graduates (ECFMG(r)). All rights reserved.

Dr Ulaş Mehmet Çamsarı

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