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What is the deadline to apply to programs?
ERAS does not set application deadlines. Each individual program sets their deadlines. You will need to contact each program directly regarding their deadlines. You may apply to programs throughout the MyERAS 2011 season; which opens July 1, 2010 and closes May 31, 2011.

I applied to a program; however, they are not participating with ERAS. May I get a refund?
ERAS does not offer refunds for any reason. Refunds will not be given for applications sent to programs not participating in ERAS or whose deadlines have passed. You should contact the program before applying via ERAS.

ERAS' primary role is to deliver your application and supporting documents to designated programs. This is no different than placing a stamp on an envelope and requesting that USPS deliver the packet to a destination or going to a FedEx or UPS office and sending the packet to programs. Regardless of whether the program accepts the packet or decides to review the packet, the deliverer has rendered the service when the package is delivered.

Similarly, ERAS uses the Internet to transmit application materials to programs designated by you for delivery. Although we make every effort to ensure that our data is up-to-date, programs may not always communicate to ERAS their intention to accept applications; or a program's status may change after our data has been finalized and distributed. Therefore, it is imperative that you make direct contact with the programs in which you are interested, in order to find out program requirements and deadlines.

How does ERAS work?
The ERAS process starts at your designated dean's office. They will issue you an electronic token, which you will use to access and register at the MyERAS Web site. After completing registration, you will complete your MyERAS Application, select programs, and assign supporting documents. Your dean's office will receive notification of the completed MyERAS Application and begin scanning and transmitting supporting documents. The examining boards will receive and process requests for score reports to be sent to your designated programs. Finally, programs will contact the ERAS PostOffice on a daily basis to download application materials.

Is there an applicant user guide that explains how to use MyERAS?
ERAS offers the MyERAS User Guide as a resource to applicants for information and instructions on how to use MyERAS. The User Guide and other resources are available under Resources to Download.

My new information is not saving in my Profile. Why?
When you have entered changes to your Profile, you will have to click Save at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a confirmation page. Review the new information and ensure it is correct, then click Save. This will save your new information.

Why is my LoR not uploaded to the ERAS PostOffice?
Please ensure that you submit the slot request for your LoRs. If you have submitted the slot request but your LoRs are not uploaded to the ERAS PostOffice, contact your designated dean's office for assistance.

When selecting programs, the program is grayed out and cannot be selected. What does this mean?
If a program is grayed out, it means they are either not participating, closed or no longer accepting applications. You are encouraged to contact programs directly regarding their participation status with ERAS.

Why do I have duplicate files in ADTS?
Don't be alarmed about duplicate documents. On occasion, we may need to reprocess some of the files through the ERAS PostOffice. This does not impact your application. If the program already downloaded the first file, when they next contact the ERAS PostOffice, they will simply download the second file and replace the previous file. Since the documents have not changed, there's nothing to worry about. This does not adversely impact your application.

I believe another applicant submitted a fraudulent application, what should I do?
Over the past few years, an increasing number of fraudulent application complaints have been reported to ERAS by training programs. Neither applicants nor programs benefit from unethical behavior in the application process; and to the extent possible, ERAS discourages this behavior. ERAS' Integrity Promotion Policy encourages integrity in the process of applying to training programs and promotes high standards in those applying for physician training positions.

For more information please visit ERAS Policies - Integrity Promotion Program.

The AAMC requires applicants to present accurate and current information during all phases of application for physician training programs. It is the policy of the AAMC to investigate attempts to subvert the application process, and any other irregular activities that occur in connection with application activities.

If you are aware of any activity by an applicant that is considered irregular behavior, please contact ERAS Investigations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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