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Medical School Transcript
Medical school transcripts come in a variety of sizes and formats. They may also be known as mark sheets, time sheets, or hour sheets. Ideally, they will give program directors an overview of the subjects you studied in medical school, how long you studied each subject, and how well you did on your exams.

Contact your medical school of graduation as soon as possible to obtain your transcript. Once you receive the transcript, send a copy to ERAS Support Services, accompanied by a completed DSF. Send these documents to the appropriate address, as indicated on the DSF. Although you may have already provided a transcript for ECFMG Certification, you are still required to submit a copy to ERAS Support Services.

The transcript must include your full name and should not be on “security paper” with a busy background. Busy backgrounds make the scanned image illegible. Ask your school to copy your transcript onto plain paper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some international medical schools submit supporting documents electronically, including medical school transcripts, on behalf of their students/graduates who participate in ERAS. ERAS Support Services attaches and uploads these documents to the ERAS PostOffice typically within two to three business days of their receipt at ECFMG. A DSF is not required for documents submitted electronically to ECFMG. Receipt of documents submitted electronically by medical schools can be tracked in the ERAS Support Services Document Tracking System, which you can access via ECFMG’s OASIS.

If you are unable to provide a medical school transcript, you must indicate this on page 12 of the MyERAS application. A neutral placeholder letter will be provided in place of the transcript. The placeholder letter will be provided to all of the programs to which you apply, and will state, “This document is provided in lieu of the applicant’s Medical School Transcript. Please contact the applicant with any questions you may have.” This will ensure that your application will appear as complete for those programs that require a medical school transcript before considering your application.

If the medical school transcript is not in English, it must be accompanied by an official English translation; that is, an English translation prepared by and certified to be correct by a medical school official (for example, a Dean or Registrar), a government official (for example, a Consular Officer), or a professional translation service. The translation must appear on official stationery and must bear the original signature and title of the medical school official, government official, or representative of the translation service. If the translation service is a private company, the letterhead stationery must identify the company as a translation service.

The transcript does not need to be assigned to your programs. This is done automatically when the transcript is submitted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you participated in the ERAS 2011 season and submitted a medical school transcript, you are not required to submit another copy of your medical school transcript for the ERAS 2012 season. ERAS Support Services will reuse the medical school transcript from the ERAS 2011 season. If the content of your transcript has been modified, you may submit the new transcript and ERAS Support Services will use it to replace the medical school transcript currently stored in the ERAS 2011 database. All documents mailed to ERAS Support Services for scanning should be accompanied by a completed DSF.

[last update: June 9, 2011]

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