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Document Submission Form (DSF)
ERAS Support Services at ECFMG strongly urges all ERAS 2012 participants to include a completed Document Submission Form (DSF) each time document(s) are mailed to ECFMG for scanning. Use the appropriate address, as indicated on the DSF.

The DSF is an important part of ERAS Support Services’ document tracking system, and will streamline the preparation of ERAS supporting documents submitted for scanning. Submission of a DSF also enables itemized tracking of these supporting documents through the “Verify Receipt of ERAS Documents” function of ECFMG’s OASIS.

Before completing the DSF, you must first obtain an AAMC Identification Number by registering with your ERAS 2012 Token at the MyERAS website. The AAMC Identification Number is a required field on the DSF. Once you have obtained the number, login to ECFMG’s OASIS and go to the ERAS Support Services page, where you will find a link to the DSF. Please allow up to 24 hours from the time you register at MyERAS for your DSF to be available in OASIS. You can access the DSF as many times as needed throughout the ERAS 2012 season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot register at the AAMC MyERAS website and obtain an AAMC Identification Number until you have obtained a 2012 Token from ECFMG.

A completed DSF should only be submitted when documents are mailed to ERAS Support Services at ECFMG for scanning. A completed DSF is not required when documents are submitted electronically. This means that medical schools using EMSWP and applicants using ECFMG’s OASIS to upload a digital photograph do not need to submit a DSF. Also, Repeat Applicants are not required to complete the DSF for any documents reused from the ERAS 2011 season, including Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs), medical school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and photographs.

Each DSF should list only those documents that are included in the package being mailed to ERAS Support Services at that time. The DSF should not list documents that have been submitted previously or documents you intend to submit to ERAS Support Services.

Steps for Completing the DSF
(ERAS Support Services strongly recommends that you do not use a public computer to download and print your DSF.)

1.Obtain a 2012 Token from ECFMG.
2.Use this Token to register with MyERAS and obtain your AAMC Identification Number.
3.Login to ECFMG’s OASIS and go to the ERAS Support Services page.
4.Click on “Document Submission Form.”
5.Enter your AAMC Identification Number in the designated field. This is a required field; you will not be able to complete the DSF without your AAMC Identification Number.
6.Under Document Categories, select the boxes next to the document types (Medical Student Performance Evaluation, Medical School Transcript, Letter of Recommendation, etc.) that you are currently submitting. Do not fill in any information regarding documents you have submitted previously or intend to submit to ERAS Support Services.
7.Letters of Recommendation:
Enter the name of the letter writer in the “Author” field.
In the “Title/Department” field, enter the title of the letter writer, his or her department of operation, and the name of the institution where he or she works.
In the “Specialty(s) to which this letter will be assigned” field, enter the specialty(s) of the program(s) to which you are assigning the letter (such as Internal Medicine). If the letter of recommendation is general (does not mention any specialties), enter the words “All Specialties.”
Click on “Add LoR” after each letter writer designation.
Repeat this process for each letter of recommendation you are currently submitting.
8.Comments/Special Instructions. In this field, enter any comments or special instructions that you feel are important to the processing of your documents (such as the fact that the document should replace a previously submitted document).
9.Once the DSF is completed, print a copy.
10.If you are submitting the documents to ERAS Support Services yourself, include a printed copy with the supporting documents.
11.If your medical school or letter of recommendation writers are mailing documents to ERAS Support Services on your behalf, provide them with a printed copy of the completed DSF and a copy of these instructions. It is your responsibility to provide your letter writers or medical school with the DSF for submission of documents. If you cannot provide your letter writers or medical school with a physical copy of the DSF, fax or e-mail a copy so that it can be included with your documents for submission.
Note for Repeat Applicants: ERAS Support Services will reuse your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), medical school transcript, photograph, and any LoRs you select to reuse from the ERAS 2011 season. You should not submit a DSF for these document types unless you are submitting new documents for scanning.

[last update: June 9, 2011]

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