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In order for a Letter of Recommendation (LoR) to be transmitted to the
ERAS PostOffice, you must reserve a slot for that LoR in your MyERAS
account. ERAS Support Services at ECFMG strongly encourages you to
reserve slots for your LoRs now so that LoRs that have been received and
scanned by ERAS Support Services, including available LoRs from the
previous ERAS season, can be attached to the reserved slot and will be
available for you to assign to programs when the ERAS PostOffice opens
on September 1, 2010. ERAS Support Services cannot transmit an LoR to
the ERAS PostOffice if a slot has not been reserved for that LoR in

How to Reserve a Slot for an LoR

1. Log into MyERAS at .

2. Click on the Documents tab.

3. Click on the Letters of Recommendation tab.

4. Create a new letter writer by clicking Designate a New Letter of
Recommendation Writer.

5. Enter the LoR Author Name and LoR Author Title/Department. The last
field, Specialty(s) to which this letter will be assigned, is optional.

Important Note: The specialty field helps you identify your LoRs when
assigning them to programs and helps ERAS Support Services identify LoRs
when attaching them to your application. If you have a generic LoR that
is applicable to all specialties, please specify the LoR as "All
Specialty(s)." If you have a specialty-specific LoR, please specify the
specialty to which the LoR applies.

6. Click "Save" when you are finished.

7. Repeat this process for all of your designated letter writers.

8. After you have finished designating your letter writers, click the
check box next to the LoR(s) that you wish to reserve a slot for and
enter your MyERAS password in the space provided.

9. Click "Submit Request" to complete the process. Make sure to click
"Submit Request" instead of "Enter" after entering your password.

Important Note: Once you reserve the slot for your LoR, the LoR cannot
be edited. If it contains errors, you will need to create a new slot as
a replacement for the one containing errors. Inform ERAS Support
Services at ECFMG of the error so that the document can be attached

To verify that ERAS Support Services has received your LoRs and/or which
LoRs from ERAS 2010 are available for reuse, go to the View Receipt of
ERAS Documents tab of the ERAS Support Services section of ECFMG's
OASIS. You can access OASIS from the ECFMG website at . It
is your responsibility to follow up with letter writers and to confirm
that your LoRs have been received by ERAS Support Services in time to
meet program deadlines.
Important Note: Due to the increasingly high volume of incoming ERAS
supporting documents, ERAS Support Services at ECFMG requires up to four
weeks to scan and upload documents to the ERAS PostOffice from the time
documents are received by ERAS Support Services.

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