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Arkadaslar cok hoş bir plan bence.Bıraz düşünelım bu planı bence.

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Physicians-in-Training Request for Housing

What is the Physicians-In-Training Host Program?
The Physicians-In-Training Host Program offers a one-or-two-night stay in an AMA Alliance member's home to fourth-year medical students, who are on the interview trail

What is the goal of the program?

The program was created by the AMA Alliance, AMA Medical Student Section and AMA Resident/Fellows to help students cut down on interviewing costs, get to know the community surrounding their potential residency program, and introduce them to the local medical society and Alliance.

What do I need to know before I make a request?

Requests need to be received at least two weeks prior to expected stay.

We try to fulfill up to three interview dates per medical student.

Requests for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day cannot be filled. Please keep in mind that requests for other stays around the holidays may be difficult to fulfill.

Please keep in mind that all hosts are volunteers.

Please inform us and your host when you change or cancel plans, whether early or last minute. Remember that a family has prepared for your arrival and managed their schedule for you.

Some states have a very limited number of volunteers. In certain areas, there may be no volunteer hosts.

For more information, call (312) 464-4470.

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